There was no media release about this from the Qld government

The Queensland parliamentary Transport, Housing and Local Government committee secretariat sent this email this afternoon. Note the extensive consultation period: four days, two of which fall this weekend.

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 Dear Submitters

 Queensland Rail Transit Authority Bill 2013


On 16 April 2013 the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, the Hon. Scott Emerson MP, introduced the Queensland Rail Transit Authority Bill 2013 into the Queensland Parliament. In accordance with Standing Order 131 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the Legislative Assembly, the Bill was referred to the Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee for detailed consideration. The Committee has been asked to report to Parliament on the Bill by Friday, 26 April 2013.

 Public Departmental Briefing

The Committee is holding a public briefing by the Department of Transport and Main Roads on the Bill at 8.30 am tomorrow (18 April 2013) in Committee Room 3, 6th Floor of the Parliamentary Annexe. 

The public is welcome to attend. 

The Briefing will be broadcast on the Parliamentary website.

 Calling for Submissions

The Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee is now calling for Submissions.  Submissions will close at 5.00pm on Saturday 20 April 2013.

 A guide to making submissions can be found here.

 Inquiry Process

Date Committee activity
16 April 2013 Bill referred by the Assembly
18 April 2013 -8.30am Public briefing by Department of Transport and Main Roads
20 April 2013 – 5.00pm Close of submissions 
26 April 2013 Tabling date

 Primary objectives of the Bill

The Bill’s objective is to provide an organisational platform to allow for future reforms in rail service delivery so that growing community expectations (of service quality, fare affordability and service experience) can be realised. The institutional restructure of Queensland Rail Limited is to be achieved by:

  • Establishing a new statutory authority (the Queensland Rail Transit Authority (QRTA). The QRTA will be unincorporated and will have a Board which will prepare both strategic and operational plans for ministerial approval.
  • Transferring Queensland Rail’s shares to the QRTA with the effect of making Queensland Rail a subsidiary of the new authority so they form, in effect, a Queensland Rail group. Queensland Rail Limited will no longer be a government-owned corporation (GOC). Queensland Rail Limited will retain its assets and liabilities etc. and so will continue to provide rail services. There will be a service agreement whereby QRTA provides strategic direction and staff to Queensland Rail for the continuation of rail services.
  • Transferring Queensland Rail’s employees and enterprise agreements to the QRTA.  The Bill provides protections for employee entitlements and clarifies the application of certain provisions of the Industrial Relations Act 1999 on the QRTA and its employees. The negotiations for a replacement Traincrew Agreement (which nominally expires on 30 June 2013) will be conducted under the Industrial Relations Act 1999.
  • Providing for future transfer of assets, liabilities and instruments through transfer notices over time as rail reform progresses.

 Links to the Bill, Explanatory Notes and Explanatory Speech can be found here:


Explanatory Notes

Explanatory Speech

 For further details, please visit

 Please contact me if you require further details.

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